As the school year is winding down and many of us are leaving on research trips or taking a break from the daily grind of academia (… ha!), we are taking a rest from blogging until the start of the new school year. We had a busy year at the institute — including the creation of a blog, a social media presence, our Canada150 speaker series, brown bags, workshops, our CHA Decolonizing 1867 event, Wilson prizes, book launches, grant applications, book projects … and teaching and research — and it’s time to recharge!

This is not the last you will hear from us during the summer months. For one, we are currently circulating a call for papers for a new Wilson Workshop that will held in May 2018. Organized by Amanda Ricci, a postdoctoral fellow at the Wilson Institute, A Workshop in Transnational Feminism will bring together scholars from Canada and around the world to address the methodological and epistemological challenges of writing transnational feminist histories. Please follow this link for more information. We are also collaborating with Active History, Unwritten Histories, and Canada’s History Society in organizing Canada’s first-ever History Twitter Conference. You can learn more about it here. Finally, we are always seeking nominations for the 2017 $10,000 Wilson Book Prize and $1,000 Viv Nelles Essay Prize. Regarding the Viv Nelles Essay Prize, we accept all graduate student papers (M.A. and PhD) written in 2017. Last year, we insisted that professors nominate their students. This year, we want students to nominate their own papers! Got an A on your MA or PhD seminar paper? Does it deal with Canada in a transnational perspective? Send it to us! Visit our website for more information.

Before I wish you all a good, restful, and productive summer, allow me to preview some of the things we are working on for the next school year. First, in September, we will host a workshop titled Transnational Leftism: The Comintern and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions. Organized by Ian Mckay, Oleksa Drachweych, and myself, this workshop will showcase the most creative and relevant work done on the history of Canadian Communism, international Communism, and the subjects of racial, national, and colonial liberation. We have assembled an amazing group of scholars, some travelling from as far as Australia and Nigeria. A detailed programme will be posted on our website soon. Our speaker series will also return. Leaving Canada150 behind, we are lining up a series of interesting talks, including two transnational indigenous historians that we will co-host with Indigenous Studies: Elizabeth Ellis (New York University) and James Hill (Mississippi State University). While James will expand on a blog post he published with Beyond Borders on a group of globe-trotting Creek and Cherokee diplomats, Liz will discuss her involvement with the Standing Rock water protectors. A detailed schedule will be posted on our website by September. And of course, our blog will return. For those of you that are interested in our speaker series but can’t make the trip to Hamilton, our speakers will provide a short 1,500 word version of their talks for our blog. You will be able to keep up to date with our series without traveling to Hamilton. You can also contact me if you have an idea for a blog post.

Have a good, restful, and productive summer!  See you next September.

– Max,

Cover Image: Postcard, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Alberta (thanks Tina Loo!), 1897. Wikimedia Commons.