Freedom’s Carceral Landscape: Counter Insurgency, Incarceration, and Racial Formation, with Max Mishler

This year’s visiting speaker series is titled “Race and the Colour of Democracy.”

Our first speaker, Dr. Max Mishler, presented a paper titled: “Freedom’s Carceral Landscape: Counter-Insurgency, Incarceration, and Racial Formation after the Civil War.”

Dr. Max Mishler is assistant professor of American history and the Atlantic world. He received his PhD from New York University (2016). He specializes in the transnational history of the United States, with a focus on slavery, abolition, incarceration, and the history of capitalism. His current book manuscript, entitled “Civil Slavery: Punishment, Abolition, and the Origins of Mass Incarceration,” explores the intertwined histories of slave emancipation and penal servitude in the Atlantic world.

This event was hosted in collaboration with the Socrates Project.


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