January 2017

Welcome to the Wilson Institute’s New Blog/Bienvenue sur le nouveau blogue de l’Institut Wilson, by Maxime Dagenais

Rethinking Canada in the World/Repenser le Canada dans le mondeby Ian McKay

Staging an Imagined Irelandby Matthew Barlow

February 2017

Y a-t-il entire quelque chose à dire sur “les Rébellions de 1837-38”?, by Julien Mauduit

A Curious Connection: Continental and Atlantic Histories in a Creek and Cherokee Voyage to Quebec, by James Hill

March 2017

Henry David Thoreau, French Canada, and l’Américanitéby Patrick Lacroix

“The most exploited section of the working class”: The Canadian Communist Party, International Communism, Nationality, and Racial Equality in the Interwar Period, by Oleksa Drachewych

April 2017

How to Find Subversive Canadians at 150, by Carly Ciufo

Undiplomatic History: A Symposium on Rethinking the History of Canada in the World, by Phil Van Huizen and Asa McKercher

May 2017

Not Subject to the Scorn and Contumely of the Great: Alexander McNutt’s Nova Scotia, by Alexandra Montgomery

Wilson Book Prize Nominees, by Maxime Dagenais

Whose Canada150?: Listening Beyond Colonial Narratives, by Stacy Nation-Knapper

Wilson Award Winners, by Maxime Dagenais