The Border Crossed us too, with Elizabeth Ellis

On 1 October 2020, Dr. Elizabeth Ellis presented a timely paper for our Racialized Peoples and Democracy Speaker Series titled The Border Crossed us too: The Overlap between the Struggles for Migrant and Indigenous Justice

Dr. Elizabeth Ellis is a professor of early American and Indigenous history and the co-director of the Natives Studies Forum at New York University. She is also an associate at the Wilson Institute for Canadian History and an activist fighting for Indigenous rights in the United States. Her groundbreaking work investigates the histories of Louisiana’s small, Indigenous polities during the eighteenth century and analyzes the ways that these nations shaped European colonization efforts and influenced the lives of all of the inhabitants of the Lower Mississippi Valley. Her work has been published in William and Mary QuarterlyEmisférica, Louisiana History, and the Washington Post, to name a few. 

This event was hosted in collaboration with Indigenous Studies.


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