Constant Struggle is now in print!

Constant Struggle is now in print!

The Wilson Institute is very proud to announce the publication of Constant Struggle: Histories of Canadian Democratization, edited by Wilson Fellows Jullien Mauduit and Jennifer Tunnicliffe, as the ninth volume in its “Rethinking Canada in the World” series.  This 503-page volume encompasses a wide diversity of topics and perspectives, ranging from “First Nations, Colonialism, and the Issue of equality from the Ancien Régime to Contemporary Democracy” to “Reckoning with the Realities of History: The Politics of White Supremacy and the Expansion of Settler Democracy in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.” Taxation, sexuality, rebellion and conformity, ‘democratic conservatism’ and the Cold War—all find authoritative explorations in a volume guaranteed to provoke new questions and debates from coast to coast.  The outcome of a 2018 Wilson Workshop, this volume constitutes a unique attempt to offer a systematic and rigorous logical and empirical analysis of the realities of democracy in northern North America.

To order from your community bookstore, here are the particulars: Julien Mauduit and Jennifer Tunnicliffe, eds., Constant Struggle: Histories of Canadian Democratization (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2021). ISBN 978-0-2280-0866-8 (cloth); 978-0-2280-0867-5 (paper).

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